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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Ecuador for medical treatment?
In Ecuador you will find highly qualified physicians and medical facilities equipped with the most modern technology. Ecuador offers the equivalent, if not better care, than the US for approximately 60% less the U.S. price. The facilities are kept with the greatest hygiene, as well as equipped with the latest technology as offered in the USA. For more information go to OUR COMPARE PRICES

2. Can I trust the physicians that will attend me?
Beauty Solutions International’s list of profesional includes licensed board-certified, very qualified, experienced and respected surgeons in their respective specialties, most of whom are US-trained. We recommend that you review your potential doctor’s resume, and make as many pre-treatment inquiries as you need to feel comfortable about your choice. We only list and work with the country’s major hospitals and medical centers, and we will provide you with all the details regarding the medical center of your choice prior to treatment. To see the list of surgeons according to specialization, visit our section medical services medical services

Can I choose from different health care providers?
We have a large number of available physicians, and their clinics. Our services include a listing of and information on health care providers from which to choose from. By giving you a choice, you can get the package available that is most suitable to your preference and budget. We also offer accommodations at a luxury hotel or resort of your choice, airport and city transfers, transfers for all the medical consultations and procedure, travel reservations, post procedure tours, leisure activities, personal bilingual assistant, use of a mobile phone, and other premiere services.

3. I don’t speak Spanish, how can I communicate with the physicians?
All the medical packages Beauty Solutions International offers include a bilingual assistant. One of our English speaking assistants will accompany you to every medical consultation and to the clinic on the day of the surgery. The assistant will be your personal interpreter and, at the same time, will answer all your questions regarding medical treatments. The assistants we provide are not exclusive, they are assigned accordingly. For example, one assistant may receive you at the airport and another one will go with you to the medical consultation.

4. Where is Guayaquil, Ecuador?
Ecuador is located on the northwestern coast of South America, between Peru to the south and east and Colombia to the north. Guayaquil is a beautiful city that offers a great variety of options for tourists, tropical music rules and seafood is a must do. The city has undergone a great change in these last 10 years as a result of great efforts made by the city administrators. Now you can find great parks and green areas all over the city (for example Peñas and the Malecon), and the city has a new look which attracts tourism from inside and outside the country.

5. What can I expect in quality of care and facilities?
You can expect the same or even better quality in hospital facilities as you would at home. You have the choice of the most experienced medical professionals in all of Ecuador, and follow up care with your own private nurse during your recuperation. Our clients are impressed by the quality of care, clean environment, professional caring doctors and personalized attention they receive through Beauty solutions international. At Beauty Solutions we treat all patient like family, expect nothing less.

6. What are the costs that I can expect for surgery?
Generally you will find that most procedures are 60% of the equivalent costs in the U.S. Prices vary depending on the procedure and your personal needs.

7. Why are prices so much less expensive than at home?
The cost advantage evolves from the lower cost of living and wages paid in these countries as compared to North America. Also, there are no waiting lists for private hospitals as they are relatively expensive for local residents, giving you guaranteed surgery time when you want it.

8. Can I speak directly with the surgeon before I book my surgery?
Yes, a personal consultation can be arranged by telephone, or e-mail with your surgeon. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and have your medical history information with you. We will provide you with a list of the top board certified surgeons in Ecuador to choose from. We highly recommend you research more than one surgeon before making a decision.

9. Can I have more than one procedure during the same trip?
Of course, this is a possibility to discuss with your doctor. Many clients take full advantage of the low costs of all medical services Beauty Solutions offers and receive as many services as possible such as comprehensive medical exams including, dental, Laser, Botox etc.

10. I have been advised not to go overseas because of the high risks associated with surgery?
Surgeries have risks and complications no matter where you are. The most important aspect to receiving the best treatment possible is choosing the best doctor and facility. Beauty Solutions investigates every facet of a surgeon's credentials and practice to ensure that you have the best choices available to you. The owners and founders of Beauty Solutions handpick each surgeon in our network

11. What services does Beauty Solutions offer?
We offer assistance in finding a surgeon or specialist that is right for you. We provide information and act as a liaison on your behalf with the private clinics, hospitals, laboratories and private nurses. We also offer travel arrangements and accommodations at the hotel of your choice or CASA BEAUTY, transfers to and from the airport and medical consultations, and a personal bilingual assistant who will help you with anything you need during your medical appointments and treatment. We also provide a cellular phone during your stay and will be available 24/7 while you are here.

12. Why use Beauty Solutions instead of going directly to a hospital or surgeon abroad?
This is one of the most important questions. First of all, Beauty Solutions is run by Americans that live in both the US and Ecuador. We understand what you expect in medical services. Choosing to work with Beauty Solutions will ensure you have immediate access to the best and most experienced specialists. Since we are located within the country we are able to interview every doctor and facility thoroughly to provide you with any information necessary prior to your arrival. Our local knowledge of where to shop, visit, the best beaches and tours will make your stay in Ecuador much more enjoyable. Secondly, the prices we have negotiated with the, surgeons, hospitals, spas, hotels, labs and other services are always lower than should you go direct since we offer them volume of patients.

13. How do I get started?
Complete and return to us the Consultation Form. We will contact you if we require any further information. We will then forward your Form to the surgeon. They generally respond to us within 24 hours. All communication of a clinical nature (including your surgeon's initial assessment of your suitability to undergo the procedure you are requesting) will be through us. Please note that your surgeon may require you to e-mail digital photos of the applicable areas that you require surgery as part of the initial assessment. Close liaison between us will be necessary to coordinate your trip and treatment and ensure that everything lives up to your expectations.

14. How is payment handled for the trip and the surgery?
Your must be reserved with a credit card and deposit of 20% for surgery package must be paid in advance through Beauty Solutions. Once deposit is received a date for your procedure will be scheduled. We will be pleased to provide you specific payment information once you have decided on a Doctor and your choice of travel date. Financing is available to US citizens and US Resident please click on financing link for more information

15. Do I have to pay Beauty Solutions International any fee for their services?
No, you do not pay Beauty Solutions for our assistance. We receive a fee directly from the surgeons and other services we include in the package. Part of the fee we receive is used to provide local representatives that will assist you. Beauty Solutions also

16. I am concerned about traveling by myself?
Please be assured that you never feel alone. You will be assigned a bilingual personal assistant who will meet you on arrival. This person will be your "New friend away from home" and is at your disposal during your stay. That person will accompany you to all medical appointments and will be with you pre- and post- operatively in the hospital. You will also receive a cellular telephone for your personal use to ensure that you can contact your assistant at any time, but if you feel better bringing a family member or a friend for care, support and company would be ideal. We can also make all the arrangements needed by the person or group of persons traveling with you.

17. How safe is Ecuador?
Although Ecuador is a safe country it is very easy to get lost in the city. You can request for a personal escort and tour of surrounding area from one of our assistants

18. Should I base my decision on the cost of the cosmetic surgery?
Decisions about cosmetic surgery should not be based solely on cost. A cheap procedure could entail a quick and incomplete surgery. Five years after your cosmetic surgery, you probably will not remember the exact amount you paid for the surgery, but you will be acutely aware of the quality of the results for the rest of your life. It is more reasonable to base your decision about Beauty Solutions Int, on the surgeon's reputation; the surgeon's expertise and skill; and the surgeon's ability to communicate with you in a manner that is professional, sincere, comfortable and unhurried. The most common source of disappointment following plastic surgery is dissatisfaction with the degree of improvement ("it looks as if nothing was done") or unhappiness with uneven "lumpy-bumpy" results. The cost of cosmetic surgery should not be the main basis for your choice of surgeon. Do not put your body on the bargain rack!

19. Can I use my cell phone in Ecuador?
Please be sure to get up-to-date information on your phone service's coverage and options. You could also purchase a compatible SIM card for your existing phone (for around $15.00 US). The phone must be unlocked for this to work so contact your service provider. Once you are sure, inform Beauty Solutions that you will need a SIM card during your stay in Ecuador. Beauty Solution will help you to get a phone number in Ecuador before you fly so your family will have a contact number during your stay. We can also supply you with blackberry phones at low rates during your stay so you can be in direct contact with friends and loved ones.

20. How long after my surgery am I able to go out seeing the sights?
This decision is based solely on the discretion of your plastic surgeon. He will advise you on post-operative aftercare. Based on the rate of your recovery, he will recommend when it is safe to go sightseeing. It could be possible on the 9th day of your recovery; however, it varies for each patient. However Beauty solutions Int. or the doctor are not responsible for that decision.

21. Who is a good candidate for plastic and/or cosmetic surgery?
People who don't have the following health conditions are good candidates for plastic surgery: diabetes, hypertension, and lung disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, emphysema, malnourished, severely depressed, obese and/or smokers. All types of surgeries, including plastic surgery, have inherent risks, but if you have the above stated health problems it could cause complications during and after your surgery. A good candidate also accepts the disadvantages of plastic surgery, which are: the cost, inconvenience, discomfort and medical risk.

Smokers who do choose to have surgery and want a healthy recovery must quit for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery and remain smoke-free 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Smokers have a higher rate of infection, skin separation, skin death, and anesthesia complications. One major study found that the risk of losing a significant area of skin (also called necrosis, or skin death) due to poor oxygen supply with a facelift is increased by 150% in active smokers. Individuals who are close to their ideal weight (within 30%), non-smokers, emotionally stable, and have low stress levels, are ideal candidates for plastic surgery.

If you do not meet each criterion, it does not mean you won't be a good candidate for plastic surgery. If you meet none of them, it's more likely your doctor may want you to make some lifestyle changes before surgery.

Any and all health conditions should be discussed openly with your cosmetic surgeon so they can help you make an informed decision. It is important to let your doctor know your complete medical history including:
  • Medications as well as aspirin and vitamins
  • Hormones (oral contraceptives and estrogen replacement)
  • Herbal medications
These products can interfere with blood clotting or interact with medications used during surgery and could increase your surgical risk.

Ask yourself:
  • Are your expectations realistic?
  • How will you handle unexpected results?
  • Do you feel fully informed about the risks and the specific considerations for the procedure?
  • Will the cost of the procedure add too much financial stress to your life?
  • Are you hiding your plans from friends and family? This can create added stress.
  • Are you having cosmetic surgery to please yourself or someone else?
  • Do you have the time in your schedule for proper recovery time?
  • Can you afford the cost of plastic surgery?

22. What if I have to postpone my trip due to personal reasons?
If you postpone the trip due to personal reasons after the deposit was made, you may ask to reschedule. Beauty Solutions will honor the original price for 30 days after the date in which the trip was postponed. However, once that period passes, we reserve the right to modify the price if needed. The deposit will be held and considered as payment on account.

23. What if in the pre-surgical consultation the physician determines that I cannot undergo the treatment?
Beauty Solutions recommends sending all your photos and medical tests to our offices before making reservations for your travel to Ecuador. This includes sending in all photos requested by the doctor, as well as being 100% honest with any pre-existing conditions you may have, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Having pre-existing conditions does not necessarily mean you will not be able to have surgery, it just means that you may need special treatments and/or medication. We strongly recommend getting all tests and blood work done in your home country to avoid having an issue arise in Colombia. However, if you prefer, we can take care of all your blood work in Ecuador — which is included in our price.

If after you arrive to, the doctor decides there is a condition that will not allow you to undergo surgery, the procedure is cancelled and we will honor our cancellation policy.

24. What happens if there are complications?
Ecuadorian law requires all patients to sign an agreement to state that he/she will undergo surgery on his/her own free will.

If any problems arise and the treatment needs to be changed, the physician will inform you of your options so you will be able to make the best decision. If for some reason you are not able to make a decision, the physician will discuss the matter with the person you have assigned as your guardian.

You will be kept informed at all times and, if necessary, Beauty Solutions Int. will offer you the possibility of asking for a second opinion from another professional. Although complications are rare, they are possible and it is very important you are abreast on all complications and side effects. At Beauty Solutions Int. we strive to avoid any and all complications. However, in the event of something, please know that we will do everything possible to eliminate the complication to the best of our ability.

25. What if I decide to leave earlier from Ecuador?
The physician decides the minimum time that the patient will need to stay in Ecuador in order to recover favorably. Beauty Solutions Int. stands behind doctors' medical recommendations and all departure approval dates to return home. If the patient decides to leave on their own, Beauty Solutions Int. and the surgeon will not be held responsible for the decisions made by the patient.

26. What if I decide to stay longer in Ecuador?
If you wish to stay longer in Ecuador, Beauty Solutions will be happy to help you make arrangements with your travel itinerary in order to extend your stay. Please note, any changes made to your airline ticket could cost approximately $98.00 USD. Additionally, the cost of your flight may increase; this does not include additional medication or doctor’s appointments if necessary. Depending on what the doctor recommends, you may need additional medication or office visits which will be provided to you at your expense. All of our surgeries include the recommended time for recovery and medication.

27. I have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition; can you help me with advice or selection of the appropriate doctor or facility?
We will offer you choices, and ultimately, the kind of care you want or need is up to you. We will give you all the relevant information about the doctor and facilities available to you so that you can make the best choice. We will not offer advice or advocate for a particular doctor or facility. You are the decision maker when it comes to your health care.

28. What are the procedures not listed on this website?
If you require or are interested in knowing more about a particular procedure that is not listed, you can contact us so we may assist you in your search.

29. I want to get my procedure done Ecuador. How should I start?
Our email address is

We can contact us at 1888-98-BEAUTY

We will immediately get in touch with you and provide you with a simple procedure to follow on how to avail of our services.

FAQ In Plastic Surgery

1. Are there risks in a plastic surgery?
All surgery or surgical procedure carries a risk, like any other event or activity that occurs, the large difference in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is that the risk has been minimized to the extreme, since it is surgery in healthy people, to which I have practiced strict preoperative examinations and also those that the surgeon deems necessary for the type of surgery or the patient's history, is the conjunction of all the above factors, the ideal conditions to perform surgery, which determines who wish that the surgical risk is extremely low plastic surgery or close to zero. Notwithstanding the foregoing, your surgeon will tell you who best in his personal case of potential risks and take additional preventive measures, to ensure that your surgery will take place in perfect condition and with full success.

2. Who are the best candidates for plastic surgery?
The best candidates to undergo any plastic surgery are those who enjoy good health and especially to have realistic expectations regarding the results of surgery and are aware of the limitations of medicine, technology and characteristics of each patient. Only then the patient will feel comfortable with the results of surgery.

3. If I suffer from a disease such as hypertension or diabetes mellitus, "I can not operate?
It is important that during the performance of your medical history you provide, and in detail each of the medications you take to control their disease, this does not mean that a disease so sharp contraindicate a procedure, but according to each case particular will require the medical or other specialists to be in the best conditions for your surgery desired.

4. What is the difference between plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery?
Plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed on patients who want to improve their appearance, ie motivated primarily cosmetic. By contrast, reconstructive surgery is performed on patients who for some reason have lost their normal appearance or function of any part of your body as a result of accidents, trauma or other surgical procedures needed to treat an ailment that is, motivated medical.

5. How soon I can get back to work after surgery?
The recovery period for a plastic surgery procedure depends on each individual and varies from patient to patient. Some procedures allow patients to resume their work activities in about two days, while others require 1-2 weeks to enable the person to return to work.

6. Can Stretch marks be removed?
Stretch marks correspond to damage the collagen in the skin that behaves like a scar, which, like any scar from another source, it is impossible to erase. While they may improve their appearance, color and texture over time, there is no procedure that permanently delete them, and the only alternative is surgical resection of the skin where they are including such as by removing the skin of the abdomen (tummy tuck). There are therapeutic alternatives that can help speed the recovery process of the appearance of the stripe, such as ultrasound or endermologie, but never eliminate them.

7. What type of anesthesia is used?
There are several types of anesthesia: local, regional, general. Each is done in a different way and its purpose is to prevent pain during surgery. Each procedure has certain options for anesthesia, but it is important to have a visit and preliminary assessment by the anesthesiologist to be determined by individual characteristics and background of each patient, which may be the most convenient for you. An anesthesia by expert hands, with adequate technical support is safe in any of the alternatives; if the patient has relevant studies dismiss an added risk. Doubts about the characteristics of each type of anesthesia you may be explained on the consultation with the anesthesiologist.

8. Can I use to look like Michel Pfeiffer or Brad Pitt?
Plastic surgery can offer dramatic results for a patient with expectations and realistic goals. For many, the results can be miraculous. But to think that you can be transformed to look like another person is something that is in the fiction novels and Hollywood movies. Plastic Surgery focuses on improving the image of people based on their anatomical features, not completely change the physical to look like other people.

9. Do breast implants cause cancer?
In multiple studies conducted around the world has shown that there is a relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer and the use of silicone implants. In fact, in almost everyone silicone implants are most commonly used, even in patients who underwent breast reconstruction after mastectomy for cancer. Multiple studies worldwide show that women with breast implants have a lower incidence of breast cancer than those who do not.

10. How big I can have my breasts?
The volume of breast implants that can be placed on a patient depend mainly on the anatomical characteristics of each. It takes into account height, weight, chest size, previous volume of the breast, among others. However, there is a reasonable limit to the amount of implants that can be placed. But we must always take into account the harmonic of the body, especially the natural and aesthetic.

11. How long do breast prostheses?
In theory, can last a lifetime, but it is essential to review them periodically to check the status in which they find themselves. It is said that replacement is required every 10 years, but so far there any scientific basis to verify this need.

12. How long should I wait after my son had to have surgery on your chest?
After delivery is expected approximately six to nine months, depending on breastfeeding and continue to occur even if changes in the shape and volume of the chest.

13. What is the difference between Liposuction and Liposculpture?
Actually correspond to the same procedure, but the word liposculpture is a bit more descriptive, and that the surgery is to remove excess fat in certain body parts such as abdomen, back, thighs, etc., Achieving shape or sculpt the original features of each of these sites. It is important to emphasize that this is not a surgery to correct obesity. It is used to shape and give the figure a more pleasing, so if the problem is overweight, ideally you must first qualify for a special program and individualized to rule out associated medical problems and give each case the appropriate treatment in order to achieve best results.

14. Does cellulite improves or disappears with liposuction?
Liposuction does not remove cellulite, however it can improve its appearance depending on how it and other factors. Cellulite is the result of accumulation of fat deposits, toxins and poor circulation that give the appearance of orange peel, associated with hereditary factors, nutritional, circulatory, and sedentary lifestyle among others. Therefore treatment should be aimed at improving the triggers in a comprehensive manner such as weight reduction, increase fluid and fiber intake, exercise, measures such as endermologie, ultrasound, muscle toning, and using procedures such as liposuction, associated with the above measures, we can achieve an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

15. I Will never get fat After liposuction?
Totally false. Liposuction is a bit like a diet. When you make a certain amount diet and weight reduction, you must be careful not to regain that weight by a balanced diet, exercises, etc.. With liposuction is the same. The results may be the best; however, if you're not careful, you gain weight and grow fat. The advantage of liposuction is that if weight gain is not excessive, when you return to lose those extra kilos, will have the same shape it had when it operated.

16. How long should I wear a garment?
The use of the strip in the postoperative period is very important to ensure optimal results from liposuction. The band meets postoperative several functions, initially immediately after surgery, reduce bleeding and the initial process of inflammation. Subsequently, the band favors the retraction of the skin and allows it to leave the body molding and the new figure worked with surgery. The strip should be used for a span of 2-3 months and that now is the time it takes for tissues to return to its original condition after the surgery and the inflammation process.

17. How old is RECOMMENDED to have a rhinoplasty?
The nose is one of the parts that ended late growth, which is why it works when it feels that this has come to an end, which is between 16 and 18 years of age, depending on the sex too, because girls reach maturity earlier. The nose can operate thereafter if the patient has completed their pubertal development. Adolescence is the ideal age to correct a big nose with a hump or drop-point and avoid that leads to psychological disorders in young people.

18. When is recommended to do an Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)?
The protruding ears are completed to develop in childhood, and therefore can be corrected at puberty.

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